A Maker of Bags

I love the word "maker". It contains so much meaning. We make friends, and meals, and we make up stories. The words "art" and "craft" have a long history, but they can be bogged down by inadequate definitions. Maker is simple, because we all make.

When we create something by hand, we give it meaning. We give it a story. We know the journey that it took from an idea to a thing you can hold. I am a maker of bags. My bags start as blank canvas. They are hand printed.  They are cut and ironed. They are sewn.  But my hope is that my bags will become part of your story. They’ll become the shopping tote you carry every time you visit your favorite farmers’ market. Or the messenger bag your spouse gave you when you received that promotion. Or the wallet you carry every day because the polka dots make you smile. Because, while I craft all of my bags with thoughtful care, in the end, each bag I make is really about the person who makes it their own.