About Her Work

Handcrafted Fabric Bags

I have always loved bags. They are the perfect accessory, providing an element of fashion to everyday life, and a functional necessity, to many, of everyday life. And of course, they are a great place to keep your Chapstick.

In 2009, I was at the very beginning of my life as a designer. I was also still relatively new to sewing, and had only sewn a few projects in the previous years. But for some reason, the time was right, and things began clicking into place. I sewed my first bag, and I was hooked. I have been sewing ever since.

Since then, the majority of my time has been spent sewing. I have made countless mistakes, taken out what seems like infinite seams and learned a certain mastery of my craft. I am a self-taught seamstress, but was able to draw from the life-long experience of my mother, who was taught sewing by her mother.

Each bag sold in this shop is a meticulously handcrafted item. And, the majority of all bags sold in this shop are one- of-a-kind creations. This means that the distinctive exterior/interior fabric combinations that I choose are not used in hundreds or thousands of bags, but are used in only a single edition bag, or small editions of under ten.

I am a perfectionist, a characteristic that is a necessity and a frustration for many craftsmen. Stopping at good enough is just not, well, good enough. Care and pride are combined in all of my work. Every item in my shop is designed by me. Every item is cut, ironed, screen printed, sewn by hand or by machine, by me, in my Cleveland studio space.

A Note About Fabric

The microsuedes are the sturdiest of fabrics that I use. With the soft feel of suede, microsuedes are both beautifully rich in texture and incredibly well-wearing. Microsuedes are solid colors and come in a wide range of shades.

Suitings are an extremely versatile fabric. They can be classically sophisticated and playfully modern. Suitings come in boundless patterns such as pinstripe, herringbone, plaid or houndstooth, and are generally in less varied color palettes than microsuedes.

Printed Canvas
Printed canvas offers the most diverse options. Fabrics range widely in colors, and come in patterns such as floral, geometric or novelty. Bags in printed canvas fabrics are sure to create a bold and eye-catching appearance.

The Story Behind the Craft

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